‘Petrified’ ship

Ank van der Horst fantasized hoe the shipwreck Anna Petruska, eroded by sea and time, reappeared when the land of the East Polder was reclaimed. Together with her partner in art Jan Smakman she created the brick wreck. She succeeded in her aim to make the wreck appear as realistic as possible: every day visitors are tricked into thinking they’ve spotted a petrified wooden ship in the distance.

Great view

The ship was built using five thousand bricks from the brick factory Vogelsangh. The artist didn’t want them to be identical and perfect, but molten and burnt instead, as if they were centuries old. The shipwreck is accessible for visitors, and even though the skeleton is not very comfortable to sit on, the view on the East Polder is stunning.

kunst - ank van der horst