History and art

Visitors of the nature reserve will come across a monument and some works of art, each of which tell a story about the area’s history.


Gelderse huisje

At the back of the animal park of Landgoed Hoenderdaell, is a small stone cottage with a rich history. The Gelderse huisje is as old as the ground it was built on. It reminds us of an important period in the history of reclaiming land and it is a tribute to the first inhabitants of the area, which were families from the Dutch province of Gelderland. Thanks to their efforts, determination and courage, the Anna Paulowna area developed into the special polder it is now. Read more

Anna Petruska

In the nature reserve of Landgoed Hoenderdaell, visitors will come across the work of art Anna Petruska. The petrified skeleton of a ship was built out of bricks in 2010 by local artist Ank van der Horst. According to Ank’s story, the boat belonged to the ship Anna Petruska, which sailed from Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, to Zaandam in the Netherlands, when it sank. Read more



This work of art was also created by Ank van der Horst and her partner in art Jan Smakman. The wall forms a semi-circle, and in the gap are stairs running from north to south. The steps contain tiles with the names of the seasons. The centre of the semi-circle has acoustic qualities.