The estate

You’ll find Landgoed Hoenderdaell  in the polder of Anna Paulowna. The estate is situated in a 64 hectare nature reserve, which originally formed part of the Wadden Sea. After a visit to the animal park, nature lovers can take a walk through this sanctuary.

Because this area is free from human interference, flowers and plants flourish here. The past has had its effect on the flora and fauna in the area. During the Middle Ages, peat was dug up from the back part of the reserve. Because the holes filled with sea sludge, the vegetation has a coastal character. Excavations and deposits of soil created a rolling landscape that benefits the diversity of plant life.

Red deer, emu, greater rhea and Highland cattle roam freely in the reserve. Hikers may come across fox trails and nesting birds, and the waterbanks show evidence of different species of rodents at work. In short, each walk through this North Dutch sanctuary will be a discovery tour for nature lovers.

het landgoed - dagje uit noord holland

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